All of Cheyanne Symone’s handmade beaded earrings are created by talented indigenous beaders across Turtle Island. We also offer some beautiful beaded jewelry options from Etkie. Native American Beaded Jewelry is beautiful and time intensive. Browse our selection of handmade beaded jewelry and find the perfect piece to add to your collection. 

Beaded jewelry has a rich history and cultural tradition. Cultures around the world use beadwork in their art and clothing, and there are currently many types of beaded jewelry available on the market.

This might make you wonder- how do I know which types of beaded jewelry to purchase? 

The three things to consider when purchasing beaded jewelry include:

  1. Authenticity 
  2. Quality
  3. Business practices

     1. Beaded Jewelry Authenticity

    Authenticity is an important consideration before purchasing beaded jewelry. Many businesses mass produce and exploit cultural traditions for profit. Cheyanne Symone is an indigenous woman owned business that employs indigenous beaders. 

    Native American Beaded Jewelry and General Beadwork

    Beaded jewelry is a rich tradition, with the techniques to passed down through families. Because of the cultural significance, tradition, and time involved with these pieces, it is important to always buy Native American beaded jewelry and other beaded creations from an indigenous artist. 

    Our founder, Brittany, has chosen a professional beadwork artistry path through Cheyanne Symone, as have many of our talented beaders (you can find more about each of them on our About Us page). 

    While some beaders choose to sell their work, the style isn't confined to a profession as it holds cultural and spiritual significance. Beadwork is not only used for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces- it is also important for regalia. You'll find beaded regalia in places like powwows, and you can see the personality of the artist in the beadwork.

    So whether they're made as part of a business venture or for one's friend, family, or self- this jewelry is an important part of cultural heritage. For this reason, it is important to purchase beaded jewelry from an indigenous or Native American artist rather than a store where it is mass produced. Authenticity matters.


    2. Beaded Jewelry Quality 

    The quality of beaded jewelry is defined not only by the creation process, but by the materials used. 

    Materials We Use for Beaded Jewelry

    As mentioned earlier, all of Cheyanne Symone’s Native American beaded Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA. We take special care to make sure the materials are as durable as they are beautiful.

    Freshwater Pearls

    Freshwater Pearls come in a wide range of unique shapes and colors. Coming from oysters in lakes and ponds, freshwater pearls have as much character as beauty.

    While each set of Native American beaded earrings we make are very similar, due to the nature of the freshwater pearl will vary slightly in color.

    Japanese Glass Beads

    The Japanese glass beads are known for their high quality, beautiful color, and consistency. We've paired these glass beads with our Freshwater Pearls because they durable and beautiful.

    Recycled Sterling Silver Posts

    Our beaded style earrings all come with Large 925 recycled sterling silver posts. We chose these because the material quality. We want you to know that these posts will last.

    A lot of other manufactures try to skimp out on the posts to save costs. We want yours to last forever.

    Cruelty-Free Ultra Suede Backing

    Our earrings are backed by cruelty-free ultra suede. We wanted the durability and feel of suede while also being socially responsible. That's a big part of our company beliefs.

    Caring for Cheyanne Symone Beaded Jewelry

    We have built our jewelry to last using the best possible materials and handcrafting in the USA. There are a few low maintenance steps we ask our customers to take so that your jewelry will last a lifetime.

    • Avoid Getting Wet

    • Do not cut the thread

    • Avoid storing in direct sunlight

    If you follow these care steps, you'll maintain the quality of our jewelry and enjoy them forever.

    What Is Included with Your Jewelry

    As mentioned above, our earrings come with the Large 925 recycled sterling silver backs. And we also provide you with a natural linen or cotton draw string bag for storage. 


    3. Practices of the Beaded Jewelry Business

    Every time we make a purchase, we are essentially telling a business we approve of their products and practices. At Cheyanne Symone, we have made it our goal to do business in a good way. 

    Handcrafted in the USA

    Cheyanne Symone jewelry is handcrafted by talented indigenous beaders across Turtle Island. Each piece can take between 2 and 8 hours to bring to life. We use natural freshwater pearls that are 100% unique and take a skilled beader to place and assemble.

    We do not rely on any machinery or mass production. When you receive jewelry from us, you know that they were handmade with love by a talented indigenous beader.

    Lifetime Repair Guarantee

    Our jewelry includes a lifetime repair guarantee. That is unheard of. Why do we offer it? Because we make them correctly the first time.

    We want to know that when you become a customer of ours, we will take care of you for life. Not only will you get beautiful jewelry,  you’ll also get the peace of mind knowing that we will repair anything you get from us.

    Close-up of Cheyanne Symone’s Turquoise Blue Classic Freshwater Pearl Studs | Turquoise and Gold Studs Beaded Around a Freshwater Pearl Center


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