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Exquisite works of art

I received my mini two spirit pride earrings after waiting with great anticipation. They were packaged beautifully and when I open the envelope and saw them, my heart smiled. These earrings are so well made, truly little works of art. I don't wear earrings much at all, in fact maybe 3 times a year. I wore them hiking yesterday and received many compliments on them. They are beautiful, they are of the highest quality and craftswomanship, and come from a fantastic company started by a friend, which does not influence my review. They are my new favorite earrings which I will wear them often and spread the word about Cheyanne Symone's beautiful collection. Thank you!

So gorgeous in person! These are far more stunning in person than in the photos. These are the most beautiful earrings I own.

This is the recipient of the most beautiful gift of your earrings

My Christmas present was stunning and happened to perfectly match a bracelet I was also gifted. I wore the set to Christmas Eve service, getting many compliments.

Gorgeous earrings; hard to see them go to NOT me as they were a gift, but I know the owner absolutely loves them!


These earrings are perfect to wear everyday and when I want something small and simple. The colors pop and match pretty much anything. I let my 5 year old wear them and they looked so beautiful on her and did not irritate her sensitive ears.


These earrings are so beautiful and well made. They are my go to when I want something smaller and lighter. Perfect for everyday wear, especially in professional settings.

I AM IN LOVE! Shipping was super fast the same week and I am not disappointed. They are beautiful and everything I expected. A treat for myself ❤️

Adeline Earrings
Aunane Ahdunko
Gift for the greatest woman

These earrings were chosen by my eldest niece. I bought ‘em for her. These are the very first pair of Cheyanne Symone for her. She texted me: Oh my goodness they are soooo beautiful 🤩 thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️. She looks completely gorgeous with these babies!!!! She said she receives compliments whenever she wears them. Thank you Cheyanne Symone for making MyNiece feel extra special.

OMG Amazing!!!!

These lovely pair are simply gorgeous on my eldest niece. They are a second purchase as a gift to her. She treasures these turtles and feels pretty every time she wears ‘em. The details and fine craftsmanship never fails. Thank you, Cheyanne Symone. So to fellow customers DO NOT hesitate to buy bc if you like a pair then there’s at least ten other people at that moment too whose eyes got caught by their beauty. My niece’s pair was bought in its debut release and they sold out quick.

Happy as a clam!!

These babies are pretty and so perfectly created. The beading, colors, design, and lightweight all make these earrings so easy to adore. Thank you. And I’m showing love to a community that exists just like the rest of us. Oh, also I’m wearing what a celebrity wears *hehe*.

Compliments All The Time

I have had these earrings for a few years now and I can honestly say I still get so many compliments. They really are a nice statement piece, but I wear them semi-regularly for work because I wear lots of dark colors. Extremely classy and most definitely a conversation starter. I promise you that you can’t miss with these. 💅🏽

Sunset Stud Earrings
Aunane Ahdunko
Sunset DAZZLING!!!

I love my SUNSET STUD EARRINGS. They are so colorful and vivid in person. I feel so pretty wearing them. And ordering, packaging, and arrival were done professionally and in the timely manner as such. Thank you, Brittany!!! She contacted me in email to ask if a different pattern was okay in one beading segment. And I replied yes. To me I thought it’s meant to be :-) . So yes, Brittany is an interactive business owner. I was more than impressed by the personal touch and experience. Again thank you, Brittany.

Little Green Earrings
Michelle Croal
Can you have too many Cheyanne Symone earrings?

This answer is no! These are exquisitely made and stunning. Perfect addition to any outfit - casual or formal. Lightweight so no earlobe aches!

The color changes depending on the light. Sometimes they look green, sometimes a darker turquoise. The seed beads are very similar to those of the Two Spirit earrings.


Perfect size, not too huge, and excellent craftsmanship. Also great customer service.

Great Choice!

I purchased a pair of Little Ash Earrings for my wife as a Christmas present. She wears quite a bit of black and white attire and this pair of earrings seemed to me to perfectly align with her tastes. They do! She absolutely loves them and wears them quite often for both casual and more formal events and has remarked about the many compliments she receives The affordability, craftsmanship and beauty are unmatched!

5-Star Home Run!

I purchased this incredibly lovely pair of pearl stud earrings as a birthday present for my wife. They are absolutely gorgeous and my wife loves them! We couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase.

A Cute Way to Tie my Outfits Together!

These earrings are so cute in person and I'm glad I bought them! I love that they bring together all the brown and black in my wardrobe. I wear black boots with everything, and now with these earrings I feel like my brown tops and black boots look coordinated and planned.

I also love the design and the combination of matte and glossy beads. The beading is very tight and high-quality, and the earrings are light and comfortable. Highly recommend these earrings to anyone who has been thinking about them!

Subtle statement piece!

These earrings are exquisite. Can’t wait to see what’s next! More ear wire options would be welcome!

Fell in love

These earrings are more amazing in hand and to the naked eye. I did not know what to expect. I see the brilliant beading and I feel honored to wear such a gorgeous work of art. Thank you. I wish many blessings upon each artist behind every earring.

I'll be back!

These earrings were so gorgeous I had difficulty sending them to my mom for Christmas and not keeping for myself!!! I have another great pair by Cheyanne so I will just wait until next Christmas to add to my own collection.

Perfect Pair

I love these. I've worn them every day since I purchased them. They are fantastic for when I am dressed up or dressed down. They are so precious. The only thing I wished is that they had screw on backs so I know I wouldn't loose them.

Love the earrings

Very impressed with the quality, the design and the service... Looking forward to enjoying them for a long time

Classic and exquisite earrings!

Absolutely show stopping earrings draw a a lot of compliments! Treasured additions to my “inspired Native” collections!

Pretty for Fall

The colors in these pretty earrings are perfect for the Fall season. Beautifully made and the perfect size for studs, these are one of my favorite pairs.

Glamming in my jammies

They add a touch of glam to my everyday routine! Love that they are made locally with sustainably sourced materials.