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Cheyanne Symone Terra Cotta Beaded Earrings

Top Beaded Earring Picks for Fall 2022

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It’s the season of colorful leaves, corn, and spookiness- and the perfect time of year for some handmade Cheyanne Symone beaded earrings! 
Whatever events you have this fall, we have the perfect earring picks that celebrate Native American beadwork, handcrafted by Cheyanne Symone’s talented indigenous beaders!

Bold and Budget Friendly

Terra Cotta Stud Earrings

If you love beaded earrings that are small but bold, the Terra Cotta Stud Earrings are for you! These warm earrings will have you looking fresh this fall as you walk through those crisp fallen leaves!

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Some Fall Sparkle

Iridescent 24k Gold Plated Freshwater Pearl Studs

Like a cornucopia, the beaded Iridescent 24k Gold Plated Freshwater Pearl Studs reflect multiple colors and dress up any ensemble. They’re perfect for a fall wedding or just a dinner out with friends. You’re sure to shine when you put on these beauties! 

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For a Vintage Look

Adeline Earrings in Vintage Beige

These beaded beauties capture the more neutral earth tones of fall with a cool pop of color at the center. These are a fresh take on our classic, best selling Adeline Earrings. You can read more about Adeline’s story here

Looking to stand out even more? Check out our dangle version

SHOP the Adeline Earrings in Vintage Beige 

Perfect for the Transitioning Seasons

Little Green Earrings

The gorgeous little green earrings keep a little of that summer green going into the fall! These beaded earrings transition perfectly throughout the seasons, but we love that they add some emerald vibrance to autumn. 

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Spooky Season Glam

Raven Abalone Statement Earrings

Glam it up this Spooky Season with these black and blue beaded statement earrings. You’ll be serving Morticia Addams vibes in these gorgeous statement pieces with abalone centers (so hot right now!). 

Shop the Raven Abalone Statement Earrings

For those who are Eco-Conscious and Budget Conscious

Ivory Glass Stud Earrings 

The Ivory Glass Stud Earrings are your one and done. These small, beaded earrings will go with EVERYTHING. You can wear them to a board meeting, to a concert, or for a chill night out. If you’re looking to spend under $100 on a beautiful pair of earrings you can wear everyday and have a minimal collection of earrings, these are certainly a go to. 

SHOP the Ivory Glass Study Earrings

Whatever you’re looking for, Cheyanne Symone has the beaded earrings for you! Check out all of our currently available styles on our ready to ship page.
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