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"On November 20, 2014 we became parents. After three weeks of bed rest, two hospital visits, and twelve hours of labor,  our sweet baby, Adeline Kathleen,  was born. She weighed 11 oz, was 10” long, had 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, and lived approximately 2.5 hours. She was 20 weeks and 5 days old. She was perfect.
Fast forward four years, multiple doctors visits, infertility testing, two miscarriages, anxiety, and a high risk pregnancy and we have welcomed our sweet girl, Charlee Adeline, into the world on May 15, 2018.



Amanda and her daughter Charlee.

Pictured above Charlee and Amanda

My advice if you’ve experienced or are experiencing the heartache, the pain, the lonely feeling, or the anger that comes with miscarriage and infant loss is to know you are NOT alone. Cling tight to your partner. Don’t be afraid to feel, even when it hurts. Reach out. Cry. Get mad, let-it-out! Tell your family and friends what you need and how they can help. You are not alone in your journey. It sucks, it’s painful, it’s unfair, but there are brighter days ahead. Healing may be slow, but it will come. Most importantly, never lose hope in your rainbow."


- Amanda

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