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Increasing Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit Indigenous Peoples Through Traditional Art

Increasing Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit Indigenous Peoples Through Traditional Art

 Cheyanne Symone and QueerKwe Designs have collaborated to increase inclusivity for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Indigenous Peoples through traditional art and jewelry. Learn more about our collaboration and new earring below!


From Becca Lynn:

"Hey y'all! My name is Rebecca Lynn and I’m a member of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians. I’m the artist behind QueerKwe Designs and I’ve been working with Cheyanne Symone for a few months now as a beader. I’m excited to announce that Cheyanne Symone and QueerKwe Designs are collaborating to bring more inclusivity for LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit Indigenous folks during this year’s LGBT Pride Month!

The goal of QueerKwe Designs is to bring representation for LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit Indigenous folks into community spaces by combining modern LGBT Pride flags with traditional beadwork. It’s my hope that this work starts conversations around our traditionally more fluid views of gender and sexuality and the ways colonization and assimilation efforts have negatively impacted these views.

As a community, we need to empower and protect our two spirit relatives. We need to center their voices and let them know they are supported. This is a message that Cheyanne Symone agrees with and why we decided to make a collaboration piece! We wanted to combine QueerKwe Designs inspiration and style with Cheyanne Symone’s professional, elegant look and commitment to sustainability."

SHOP the Mini Two Spirit Pride Stud Earrings

Two Spirit Pride Stud Earrings

Details: Inspired by the Two Spirit duality of queerness and native identities, the Two-Spirit Pride Stud Earrings feature vibrant rainbow colors from the modern LGBTQ+ Pride flag and varying shades of 24 karat gold and copper plated glass beads wrapped around a seafoam green Czech glass center. The varying metallic colors symbolize the diversity among LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit folks and the inclusion and empowerment of indigenous, brown, and black voices.    

More about QueerKwe Designs

"Creating LGBTQ & Two Spirit Native American Beadwork:

Aanii! I am an anishinaabe artist trying to create space and representation for two spirit and LGBTQ Indigenous folks through my beadwork. There is a lot of trauma that comes with being a queer native person, but there is also so much beauty. These pieces remind us of that beauty, strength, and resilience that has kept our people going. In a sense, the project is a decolonization effort aiming to start conversations about the history of Two Spirit peoples in our communities and create a stronger community for LGBTQ And Two Spirit Indigenous folks. 

Non Native/ LGBTQ folks are more than welcome to purchase my beadwork. All I ask is that you educate yourself about the indigenous folks around you. Be an ally. Speak up for indigenous issues. Offer a platform for indigenous centered voices."

Source: QueerKwe Designs 

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