How to Get the Most out of Cheyanne Symone's VIP Rewards Program

At Cheyanne Symone you can easily earn rewards and dollar discounts on purchases! Here's your complete guide to setting up your account and maximizing your benefits with our Rewards Program.

1) Setting up your VIP Rewards account

Head to our homepage,

In the bottom left of the page, you should see this icon:

VIP Rewards

Click on this icon, and if you haven't signed up for VIP Rewards, click on "Join Now." Enter your email and your password to sign up. You earn 15 rewards points just for signing up.

VIP Rewards


2) Earning Your Points

Once you have created an account, click on the VIP Rewards icon again. You will see "ways to earn."  

Ways to Earn

From here you can earn extra points, even without having purchased anything! You can earn points in the following ways (all are optional-you can opt only to do what you're comfortable with):

  • Click "Like on Facebook"-this action earns you 10 points
  • Click "Follow on Instagram"-this action earns you 10 points
  • Enter your Birthday-you will earn 25 points on your birthday...Happy Birthday to you!
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend-every time you spend a dollar, you earn a reward point

*Please note: if you have already purchased items from us, your Reward Points should be added to your account. Please make sure you use the same email for your VIP Rewards as you used when you originally signed up! If you have any issues, please email

3) Other Ways to Earn $$ Off

You can also earn by referring friends! The program will give you a URL to share. When your friends make a purchase with Cheyanne Symone, you get $20 to spend and they get $20!

VIP Rewards Refer a Friend

4) Spending Your Points

There are different tiers for rewards, depending on the number of points you have.



You can either spend your 150 Rewards Points as soon as you earn them, or hold on until you reach 500 Rewards Points. It's up to you!


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