Little Mocha Earrings- Celebrating Contemporary Design and Native American Heritage

Cheyanne Symone and Natani Notah have collaborated on a new earring design to celebrate contemporary indigenous design and Native American Heritage. Learn more about this collaboration and new earring below!

Natani Notah wearing Little Mocha Earrings

From Natani Notah

"Yá'át'ééh, Hello everyone, my name is Natani Notah and I am a proud member of the Navajo Nation (Diné). I have been beading for Cheyanne Symone for two years now and I am happy to share our new earring design and collaboration with all of you!

For a bit of background, I am an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I work in a range of media, such as sculpture, collage, and installation. Much of my art explores connections between bodies, objects, and landforms. Central to the work is the concept of harmony and important questions surrounding contemporary existence and legality. How do we find beauty or balance in a chaotic and often violent world? In part, I think the answer to that question is through beadwork and self-expression. 

With that in mind, I embraced this opportunity to help design these new Little Mocha Earrings exclusively for Cheyanne Symone! They are a culmination of many ideas and aim to celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Inspired by the cooler autumn and winter seasons, these earrings incorporate a neutral, but deeply rich color palette. During the designing process, I wanted the chocolate brown beads to stand out next to the ivory white, while simultaneously complementing the matte black ones. Additionally I let my love and appreciation of southwestern pottery and basket weaving guide some of my decisions. For example, the brown triangular sides could be read as shards of pottery and or once paired with the black they become the shape of a bowl. The ivory white sparkles against the freshwater pearl center and also serves as an opening to the sky. 

These Little Mocha Earrings are a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. They are trendy, but timeless and strike the perfect balance between color and form. Every earring is handcrafted and always made with a commitment to sustainability in mind."

Pictured is Natani wearing the Little Mocha Earrings. 



We are so pleased to have Natani on our team, and to share this beautiful collaborative art piece with you all. 

To view all of our Cheyanne Symone original and collaborative pieces, please visit our everything page. If you would like to see what's available for purchase, visit ready to ship.

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