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Celebrating 54 Years of Recognition and Centuries of Resilience

Celebrating 54 Years of Recognition and Centuries of Resilience

Happy Recognition Day!

On this day 54 years ago, the State of North Carolina formally recognized my tribe as the Haliwa Indians (now the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe). With help from the Chickahominy Indians of Virginia, my people started a tradition of celebrating our recognition with an annual Pow-wow. Every year since, during the third weekend in April, my people have come together in fellowship to catch up, dance and eat some good 'ol North Carolina southern food.

Brittany Turner at Haliwa-Saponi Pow-wow

Pictured above is me dancing into the arena at the Haliwa-Saponi Pow-wow in 2016. Photo credit: Kimberly Hunt Elks

I have only missed two pow-wows in my life; the first was the year I was born and the second was in 2014 during final exams in graduate school. This weekend is a big deal for my people and comes second only to Christmas for us Haliwa folks! When I created Cheyanne Symone, I promised myself that April 15th, 2019 would be a day of celebration.

With that said, on behalf of the Cheyanne Symone team I would like to announce the debut of Cheyanne Symone at the Haliwa-Saponi 54th Annual Pow-wow this year in collaboration with Moc70 (Haliwa-Saponi women-owned businesses). Come by the Moc70 Booth between 12:30pm and 2:30pm to meet me, shop exclusive new designs and Pow-wow Weekend special deals. Can't make it at that time? No worries; various styles will be available at the Moc 70 Booth all weekend.

Cheyanne Symone Haliwa-Saponi Pow-wow Debut

When: Saturday, April 20th, 2019 from 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Where: Haliwa-Saponi Tribal Grounds 
130 Haliwa Saponi Trail
Hollister, NC 27844

Today I celebrate 54 years of recognition and centuries of grit and resilience. I am beyond grateful for the diverse ancestral blood and culture of my people and I am honored to share a little bit of our history with you today.

Pilahuk (Thank you),

Brittany T. 
Founder, Owner, Creative Director
Cheyanne Symone
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