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Cheyanne Symone LLC

Moonstone Two-Spirit Pride Stud Earrings

Moonstone Two-Spirit Pride Stud Earrings


The Moonstone Two-Spirit Pride stud earrings are a smaller version of the original Two-Spirit Pride stud earrings featuring a moonstone gemstone set in an argentium silver bezel. 

Inspired by the Two Spirit duality of queerness and native identities, the Two-Spirit Pride Stud Earrings feature vibrant rainbow colors from the modern LGBTQ+ Pride flag and duracoat gold glass beads wrapped around a moonstone gemstone. The varying gold color symbolize the diversity among LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit folks and the inclusion and empowerment of indigenous, brown, and black voices.   


Cheyanne Symone and QueerKwe Designs have collaborated to increase inclusivity for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Indigenous Peoples through traditional art and jewelry. The goal of QueerKwe Designs is to bring representation for LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit Indigenous folks into community spaces by combining modern LGBT Pride flags with traditional beadwork. This collaboration combines QueerKwe Designs inspiration and style with Cheyanne Symone’s professional, elegant look and commitment to sustainability.


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